Case Study - Holiday Home purchase experience - Matthew G

Matthew G. - Holiday Property Client.

Hi Matthew, to begin with, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what brought you to Spain?

I run a business in the West of England with my brother. I am married with 2 children and another on the way. We have always valued our time together as a family and get away as much as possible for short trips in the UK as well as Spain. With the business going well, I have been able to step back a little and enjoy my time with the kids and hope to be able to do so even more in the future. We had been looking at buying in Spain for a while and things came together nicely at the right time. Being from the UK, the first priority in a place abroad is sunshine and the Costa Blanca offers guaranteed sunshine almost all year round. We also wanted a place that was safe and secure for the children. Convenience was another priority for us. With regular flights to and from Alicante, we are only ever 2 and a half hours away from our own holiday home. It really isn´t much different to travelling into London, maybe a bit less stressful!

How did your property search develop? Did you find what you were looking for?

With our budget at the time, we were primarily looking at apartments. We thought we could have stretched to a villa in some areas but location was really important to us so we would have been happy to find a nice apartment in the right place. As things developed, Nick saw that even though we liked the apartments, we weren´t 100 percent sure. He suggested we view a bungalow property in the same location. As soon as he showed us the property, we knew it was what we wanted, it was just going to be about negotiating the best price. We wanted to be all on one level because of the youngest child so that box was ticked. The living space was a little bigger than an apartment but most importantly we had some garden space for the little ones as well as the private solarium. We couldn´t be happier.

You purchased your property as a holiday home. How much time do you spend here in Spain?

We manage to get out about half a dozen times a year, sometimes just a quick weekend and longer during school holidays. We love the flexibility it offers. To be able to just book a flight and go when we feel like it is a great feeling. We have spent more and more time each year and will continue to do so. We are even considering moving out full time at some point in the future. With the latest member of the family just a few months away now, we are looking to move up to a larger property in the same area. As always, we have sat down with Nick over a cup of coffee and just discussed things without any pressure. It is clear that our job is to figure out what the most important aspects of a property are for us as a family and Nick will show us the best options available.

Are you happy working with Casas De Luxe?

Absolutely.. we have been well looked after from the start and never had any pressure put on us. More importantly, as a holiday home, the property is not used for long periods and it is comforting to have the team looking after things. I think a lot of the time, worries about the language, Spanish law and estate agents can put people off. I think we have all heard stories about someone who has had a bad experience so for me.. when you find someone you trust and has proven that they know what they are doing, why look elsewhere? I personally wouldn´t buy again with anyone else. We are looking forward to the next step in our Spanish property exploits and can do so in the knowledge that whatever we go for, it will be managed properly and professionally.

Matthew G. has kindly offered to recieve contact from prospective buyers via telehone or email to discuss from an independant point of view any considerations that may exist. If you would like to make contact with Matthew, or receive further information from team at Casas De Luxe simply add your contact details to the form below and click 'send'.

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