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Have you ever looked at a property advertisement that told you that the home was located in a less than desirable area? Or that the location was far away from infrastructure and transport links? We are betting the answer to both questions is NO.

So how can you decide where you want to be when every property you look at is supposedly flawless and in a great location? This is the question that we are trying to help you answer.

De Luxe locations is your one stop guide to the best locations on offer on the Costa Blanca.

Using our 30 years of experience in the industry, we have created a simple system to analyse the quality of a property on the market based on several key factors. You can use this as a resource to find your dream property on the Costa Blanca while you can use any one of our properties as a benchmark to compare a property you may be considering. We believe this is a valuable tool for anyone looking to purchase in Spain as it allows you to quantify the benefits of any given property and its location which will help you move forward with confidence, knowing that you haven't forgot to consider certain factors.

We at Casas De Luxe know that buying a home abroad can be a challenge. If not manage properly it can become confusing and a little overwhelming due to the vastly different properties available across a large area, all with their own attractions. This is even tougher when you don't have a high degree of knowledge and familiarity with the locations in which you are house hunting.

It is our job as your agent to guide you through this process in a way that leaves you clear about what you are looking for and what property and location is best suited to your unique needs. All of our staff have worked and lived on the Costa Blanca for many years and are familiar with every part of the region as well as the various developers and builders. We do not aim to list as many properties as possible. We want happy clients and so we only work with established and trusted developers in areas that are safe, secure and offer the best chance of an improved lifestyle in Spain for our clients.

Properties that are listed under the De Luxe Locations headline are the homes that we consider to be the best available through our own analysis.

The De Luxe Locations method allows buyers to find the best properties within their budget. This eliminates a lot of wasted energy looking at homes that do not offer the kind of life that you are looking for.


A De Luxe Location property is one that meets the highest standards across a range of key criteria. All the key features of a property are considered and rated. To discover our location and property ratings system, click here for our full guide.

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