Investing in Spanish property - Our services & advice

When purchasing a Spanish property as an investment vehicle a few simple principles apply to ensure success - our years of 30 years of experience in the market helps our clients make informed choices and to help get you started we provide some bullet point notes below:

  • Never purchase from an Agent who does not have experience nor their own rental division - they cannot guide you correctly.
  • Always ask for examples of exisiting income being created so that you can judge the income being projected has validity.
  • Ensure all management fees, insurance and community fees (if applicable) are factored into the equation.
  • Establish what will be your comfortable budget and discuss if the purchase will be a ''one off'' or when successful may be the first of multiple investment puchases as advice will be given on structure to suit.

Our portfolio is updated weekly with BANK REPOSSESSIONS available with options starting from 30,000€, with packet options between 150,000 and 750,000€ and individual commercial / development opportunities starting at 1,000,000€ or more - ALMOST ALL ARE OFFERED AT 50% BELOW MARKET VALUE - (to register interest in bank property or other investment options please use the contact from below).

Thanking you for your interest.

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