Investment opportunity - Asset dispoal - Registration procedure

With over 30 years of experience and contacts within the Spanish Real Estate sector, the team at Casas De Luxe can bring to the table a wealth of expertise when meeting potential investor clients.

Over the past couple of years many of the large banking entities and investment funds have gathered their property portfolio's together and are now in the process of releasing them to the market. These portfolios are packages of investment property offerings rather than individual sites, and are therefore purchased in bulk.

At Casas De Luxe we can provide access to this stock and advise our investors on how to proceed, including recommendations on offerings with long term rental potential, quick returns (flip friendly) and those most suitable to hold for a period within a growing portfolio.

The investment types vary from a collection of apartments, bungalows, villas to commercial outlets and can also include debt consolidation opportunities also.

The process is to be frank a little complicated and time consuming - but is very often worthwhile as these 'trade' offerings can produce opportunities that are well below market value with opportunity to purchase at less than 50% below the current market value.

Non-disclosure contracts* must be signed before information can be shared as often the nature of some projects is highly confidential - an investor's own status needs to be confirmed to our banking partners, and proof of funds demonstrated. Once this application procedure is fulfilled the opportunity's can be assessed.

At Casas De Luxe we apply a 500€ registration fee for this procedure - which carries an 'underpin guarantee' and is fully refundable to our investor client if we are unable to show a minimum of three suitable projects with a 50% BMV within three months of application being accepted.

* All registration contracts, client funds, purchase procedure and negotiations are overseen by our registered Legal Team in Spain, whom our clients deal with directly.

To register your interest please use the contact form below, quoting Investment portfolio enquiry within your text - Our team will get back to you. Thank you.

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