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When purchasing a Spanish property as an investment vehicle a few simple principles apply to ensure success - our years of 30 years of experience in the market helps our clients make informed choices and to help get you started we provide some bullet point notes below:

  • Never purchase from an Agent who does not have experience nor their own rental division - they cannot guide you correctly.
  • Always ask for examples of existing income being created so that you can judge the income being projected has validity.
  • Ensure all management fees, insurance and community fees (if applicable) are factored into the equation.
  • Establish what will be your comfortable budget and discuss if the purchase will be a ''one off'' or when successful may be the first purchase as you wish to build an investment portfolio in the future as advice can be given on structure to suit.
  • Before you (or family members) become emotionally attached to a particular purchase ensure you strategy is clearly defined - i.e. refurb and sell on, retain for income, part-time use and rental income to break even on running costs, or demolish and rebuild a new dwelling - at the outset clarity and a clear exit strategy are key ingredients to success!

Our portfolio is updated weekly with BANK REPOSSESSIONS available with options starting from 50,000€, with multiple property / packet options ranging between 250,000 and 750,000€ . Further individual commercial / development opportunities starting at 1,000,000€ or more - ALMOST ALL ARE OFFERED AT 50% BELOW MARKET VALUE - (to register interest in bank property or other investment options please use the contact from below).

Our bank 'stock' is sourced directly with no middle man or Agent - all transactions are handled by our Legal team for 100% clarity and each purchase is made directly from the Legal Asset Disposal Agent, following regulated Court procedure and re-possesion guidelines.

Thanking you for your interest.

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