David. W, Investment Property client. Q and A's

David. W, Investment Property client. Q and A's

David. W, Investment Property client. Q and A's

Dave, can you tell us a bit about yourself? (family, job, flexibility in travelling, interests in Spain etc) - Click here to read more.......

I am a husband and father of 2 lovely toddlers. I also own an advertising company in the UK - juggling both is hard work at times. I have been holidaying in Spain for over 10 years and visit once every couple of months with my family to enjoy the weather, the beaches, the golf and to re-charge my batteries a little.

Why did you choose Spain to invest into and when did you buy your first property?

I purchased my first holiday-home in 2012 and then my first investment property in 2015. It was the perfect time to buy as the property was affordable, the returns were better than I was getting at the bank, plus the yields were higher in Spain than they were in the UK.

For instance, my first investment property was €68k and I have made 5.77% yield per annum from the beginning.There was a waiting list of people wanting to rent the properties I was interested in buying, so I knew there was a demand for my property.

Borrowing in Spain was surprisingly a lot easier than it is in UK, so I was able to secure an 'investor style' loan to invest quite quickly without the fuss! In addition, a well planned property portfolio will out perform any pension planning I have looked at and is much more flexible in the long term.

What did you look for in choosing your property?

I was looking for a new venture to invest in, and the returns in Spain were proving better than in the UK at the time, and was recommended a property by Nick and his team. Nick's local knowledge became important, as he said to me 'Dave, I'm going to show you 3 properties with strong investment features and we can assess the positives and negatives of each.

We discussed each option and he suggested his top choice: a 2 bedroom ground floor apartment in the area I was interested in. It was close to the local sports and community centre which is where all the locals go while the fact that it was a ground floor property gave greater access for older couples. This added value to the property! - Of all my investments, this property purchase has given me some of the best returns.

Why did you use this Estate Agency for purchasing your holiday home?

I was recommended to them by a close friend. I looked at properties from other agents but Nick had the most local knowledge. He removed any concerns of language barrier, he went with me to the banks in Spain to discuss loans, assisted in the discussions with Solicitors and made the entire process seamless. As I don't speak Spanish it was reassuring to have Nick there. It was very surprising how hassle free it was buying a property outside of the UK, infact it was eaiser than the last few UK property investments I have made.

What happens to your property when you are away?

It's fully managed by Casas de Luxe. This makes it stress free as they deal with all the management issues and deliver me a real ''hands off'' investment vehicle.

Would you invest in more properties in Spain? Do you have any concerns about the impact of Brexit on your properties there?

Yes. I have recently invested in more properties and will continue to do so! There are concerns around Brexit but how I see it, is that Spain will always be holiday destination. For all the great benefit of a hopping on a short, low cost flight to beaches, great weather, night life and more - people will continue to holiday and move to Spain from the UK, Europe and globally. Plus, where else can you buy a property for €60-80k with long term tenants waiting?

David. W has kindly offered to recieve contact from prospective buyers via telehone or email to discuss from an independant point of view any considerations that may exist. If you would like to make contact with Dave, or receive further information from the Investment team at Casas De Luxe simply add your contact details to the form below and click 'send'.

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